K.36 Diversifying Rhetorical Strategies Panel
Marvel Mythos Malt Liquor v5

In thinking about performance, we explore the mythos surrounding the Black Panther comics alongside the Great Kings and Queens of Africa Anheuser-Busch corporate campaign to analyze a counter-archive of visual storytelling as historiography and other speculative fictions.

Robert Cole, Florida State University, Tallahassee (Panel Chair)
Nouf Alshreif, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, “Race as a Performative Rhetoric”
Nicole Ashanti McFarlane, Fayetteville State University, NC, “Marvel, Mythos, and Malt Liquor: Performance, Storytelling, and ‘Truth’ in Black Panther Comics and Anheuser-Busch Great Kings and Queens of Africa Posters”
Ruby Nancy, East Carolina University, Greenville, NC, “Genre-Fluidity: Theories and Strategies for Rhetorical Performance” 
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