mcfarlane digital portraitNicole Ashanti McFarlane researches how African Americans engage technologies to compose spaces of color and preside over Blackness in the public sphere. With academic backgrounds in Political Science and African American Literature, Nicole began her career in digital media by freelancing as a technical design consultant and content contributor in the early days of blogging and music filesharing.

Her work in Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design creates a space for her to combine her interests in hip-hop, language, and social activism enticed her to earn her PhD from Clemson University. There she directed the Writing Center to coordinate outreach efforts for Writing Across the Curriculm, initiate university-wide assessments, and train the Professional Communication MA graduate staff into the Academic Success Center for the expansion of tutoring services. 

Nicole is an English professor at Fayetteville State University and teaches professional writing, new media, and rhetorical theory where students call her “Dr. McFarlane.” To find out more, follow her at @2FarLane or check out CircuitouslyCute blog.